A Bucket List of Car Knowledge

April 14th, 2013 by

Middletown HondaI believe that everyone wants to learn. The hard part is to know exactly what you want or need to know. When it comes to cars, with such a wide range of topics available, it’s troubling to even know where to begin with learning about how your car works and how you can best take care of it.

Essential Things to Learn About Cars

So, dear reader, here are those essential things that I think are worth investigating if you would like to wrap your mind around cars and car culture, as well as get your head under the hood. While this isn’t a how-to, hopefully it will peak your curiosity and inspire you to go forth and seek out people and resources that can teach you.

  • All cars are not created equally: to some people, it’s all the same; big car, little car, new car old car. There are actually a wide range of specific terms out there that describe the different types of cars available. While words like sedan and coupe may seem a little haute, learning what they mean is the first step to getting to know about cars. Also pay attention to what brand of cars are respected, which are not, and why. Middletown Honda is, of course, particularly fond of new Honda models because of their reputation for durability and value, but we’re obviously slightly biased.
  • Learn what those numbers mean: horsepower? Torque? Drag coefficient? RPM’s? It’s all just numbers if you don’t know what they mean. Knowing how they influence your car’s performance will undoubtedly make driving more fun, as well as play an important role in your next purchase decision.
  • Learn how cars work: engine’s and motors are fascinating things. If you’re interested in how your car works, start right there. There are tons of easy to access books, as well as engaging videos online that explain how the various systems of cars work and how they interact.
  • Know essential care maintenance you can do yourself. One of the best ways to feel connected to your vehicle is to do some maintenance yourself. Here are a few essential items that are good for vehicle owners to know how to do:

?       Changing a flat tire.

?       Changing the motor oil.

?       Changing wiper blades.

?       Filling up on wiper fluid.

?       Waxing your vehicle.