The Advantages of a Manual Transmission

December 5th, 2012 by

Maintaining Your VehicleThe manual transmission was once the standard style in all vehicles; however, as technology has progressed, automatic transmissions have generally replaced the manual kind. That said, manual transmissions are still around, and many people still strongly prefer them, and there are many reasons for that.

More Power

Automatic transmissions are designed to shift in a very basic way that doesn’t exactly use all of an engine’s power. For the average driver, this is fine — but more serious drivers prefer manual transmissions, as they tend to take advantage of more of an engine’s power thanks to more specific and exact transmission shifts. This can also help increase a vehicle’s fuel economy, though you must be very good with a manual to achieve real fuel savings.

More Engine Control

Drivers of manual vehicles love how much control it gives them over their engine. They can control their engine’s power and torque more effectively by shifting at any engine speed from any transmission gear. A skilled manual driver can save years of wear and tear on their engine by controlling their engine more precisely than the pre-set shifting patterns that come with an automatic transmission. They also help save money by using fewer parts than an automatic transmission, which makes them easier to maintain and repair than their automatic counterparts.

Dead Battery Push Start

One of the unique aspects of a manual vehicle is that it can be started even with a dead battery. The driver needs to push the clutch down while the vehicle is pushed from behind, either via hand or with another vehicle. Once the vehicle gets a reasonable amount of rolling speed, the driver can release the clutch to start the vehicle.

Disadvantages of Manual Transmissions

There are several disadvantages to manual transmissions, though, which led to their decline over the years. Some of these disadvantages include:

•     Poor availability due to the widespread usage of automatic vehicles

•     Difficulty in driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic

•     Increased repair bills if driving a manual in city due to clutch damage

•     Learning a manual can be a difficult or daunting task

•     Driving on a hill can be dangerous and difficult if unprepared

Make sure to consider all of these advantages and disadvantages carefully before choosing.