Awesome Superhero Automobiles

November 9th, 2012 by

Not only do superheroes have superpowers (or gadgets that give them super-like powers), they also get to ride in tricked-out automobiles. Here we’ve compiled a short list of famous comic book vehicles that are ridiculously awesome, along with the heroes that drive them.

  • •  Fantasticar by The Fantastic Four. Reed Richards created this machine so that not only could it fly, but it could also break apart into four separate self-propelled machines. This way, team members had a chance to do their own thing — pretty fantastic indeed.
  • •  Spider-Mobile by Spiderman. Spiderman is one my favorites, and his automobile was pretty amazing, too. This dune buggy could drive vertically up walls and had Spiderman’s signature blue and red decal. Too bad the Tinkerer stole and modified it. It was good while it lasted.
  • •  Hell Cycle by Ghost Rider. I admit that I never read much of Johnny Blaze, but his hog is just pure magic. After Blaze basically “sold his soul” to the Devil, he turns into a flame-headed skeleton who has a motorcycle that can go up walls and tires that are flames.
  • •  Captain America’s Motorcycle. While on the topic, the most infamous hog is driven by the Captain himself. Let’s face it ¾ even with superhuman strength, he still needs to get around. Luckily, a personalized Harley Davidson gave Captain a huge boost.
  • •  Battle Van by The Punisher. If you’re going to go to a firefight, you have to have a way to get there. Storing an arsenal of numerous weapons, the Punisher was able to look somewhat discreet in this black van, grab whatever firearm he wanted, and commence his mission. 
  • •  Batmobile by Batman. Obviously, the best tricked-out automobile of all time is the Batmobile. This vehicle has gone through many transformations, but it’s important to go back to the original, which I think brought automobiles on a level of importance with whoever was driving ¾ Batman, in this case.
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