Double Check Yourself Before Every Road Trip

November 14th, 2012 by

A road trip, whether spent with your friends or your family, can be one of the most memorable and adventurous experiences of your life — provided that it all goes off without a hitch, and there can be oh-so-many hitches.

One of the biggest ones is forgetting essential things for the trip. Now, if you’re just going to visit Grandma’s or an old friend from high school, chances are that the only essentials you may forget to bring are everyday things: a tooth brush, a comb, or your shampoo. This isn’t too big of a deal, really.There are other road trips, though, where forgetting the most essential item can ruin everything.

In this day and age, practically everyone knows about the San Diego Comic-Con, right? What most people often don’t know about the largest comic convention in the world, however, is just how difficult it can be to get tickets. Although there are many fans who will “camp out” on the convention’s web site to ensure that they and the tens of thousands of others can get their admission taken care of early, the event rarely sells out on that first day. But if you’re looking for a pass for the whole weekend, you’ll have a hard time finding it much later than day one.

So when your driver, halfway to San Diego, realizes that they’ve forgotten their admission badge, you’re faced with a pretty difficult decision. Or at least we were, when we lived in California at the time. Thankfully, we were just about 3 hours away from home, losing six hours of our day, which was worth more than what scalpers would’ve gouged our driver for on a weekend pass.

But what if you didn’t have that option? What if you and your friends went to follow your favorite band on tour and you left tickets for the third show at home, but didn’t realize it until you got in line?

It’s for this reason that I always make a list of the things my friends and I will need before leaving for road trips. It saves time, money, and above all else, it greatly reduces frustration and sets us on the course for a great, fun vacation.