Beat the Rain and Change Your Wipers

June 29th, 2013 by

Windshield Wipers in RainOil change? Check. Tire rotations? Check. You even got even got the timing belt replaced. Double check. But did you think about your wipers? Your wiper blades are an often forgotten safety system in your car. When they’re in fine working order, they make driving in the rain a piece of cake. But if you’ve ever had bad wiper blades, you know how terribly obnoxious and dangerous they can be.

Let’s talk about what happens to old wipers and some tips for their care.

Wiper Replacement is Easy

The soft rubber blade on the wiper is what allows them to squeegee away the water. If it loses this soft, flexible quality, it will quickly become very ineffective at clearing water from your windshield.

Two of the biggest detriments to these blades are the cold and the sun. Both during freezing winter temperatures and hot summer heat, blades will begin to crack. If you see they’re beginning to crack, you should change them out. The rubber blade edge is encased in a plastic housing that can easily be snapped off of the wiper arm.

Wiper Blade Care Tips

  • Don’t leave the blades standing up: before a snow storm, it can be tempting to point the blades in the air to avoid the chance of them sticking to the windshield. Instead, get some blocks (cut down 2×4 works great), and put them between the blades and the windshield.
  • Carry wiper fluid with you in the trunk: next to the bottles of oil I carry onboard, I keep a bottle of windshield wiper fluid. When I got to top off my oil tank, I’m also sure to top off the wiper reservoir. If you get caught in bad weather, this fluid turns out to be a lifesaver.

Get Blades at Middletown Honda

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