Benefits of Honda Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

June 1st, 2018 by

2018 clarity phev driver side profile

For those Goshen drivers interested in a Honda hybrid vehicle like the Honda Clarity, you’ll be amazed to know all the benefits you’ll get just from choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle. And with our long list of future Honda hybrid models, you can enjoy your favorite Honda features while also availing of the many benefits of choosing a hybrid or electric model:

  • They emit less CO2, which is beneficial for the environment
  • You’ll spend less money on fuel with a hybrid or electric model
  • You may earn a tax break or incentive for buying a hybrid or electric model
  • Hybrid and electric models tends to have higher resale values
  • Hybrid and electric models also can travel farther on one tank of gas
2018 clarity phev bluetooth steering wheel controls
2018 clarity phev cargo trunk

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