The Benefits of the 2013 Honda Accord

February 24th, 2013 by
2013 Honda Accord Sedan

2013 Honda Accord

As if the Accord were not a great enough vehicle as it is, the minds at Honda have found a way to improve on it by offering a new definition for standard features. Most of what Honda is including standard on even the Accord LX are things that other automakers would charge you for. Let’s go over everything that you’ll find on the basic Accord LX

Making a New Standard for Standard Equipment

With the 2013 Accord, there are a range of new tech features standard on the LX trim that most automakers wouldn’t think of including on the base models for their sedans. Here’s an idea of what Honda thinks “standard” should mean:

  • •   Alloy wheels have replaced traditional wheels to offer a more durable, longer-lasting and lightweight driving experience.
  • •   A rearview camera system not only protects your vehicle by making it harder to accidentally bump into things while backing up, but it helps protect pedestrians and other vehicles for that same reason.
  • •   SMS text message functionality ensures that you can focus on the road without being distracted by your texts. They’ll be read out to you or you can dictate them.
  • •   Bluetooth handsfree link allows syncs both smartphones and Bluetooth compatible audio devices for handsfree calling and wireless streaming of music right in your car. No auxiliary cables needed.
  • •   Honda’s revolutionary i-MID interface makes all of this possible, connecting these tech options in one convenient touchscreen. But managing a touchscreen while you’re driving is just another distraction, right? Sure, you could have a passenger take care of it, but what if you’re driving alone (or want to control the music yourself!)?
  • •   Steering wheel-mounted audio and i-MID controls let you stay in control of the i-MID while driving while keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

Test Drive an Accord at Middletown Honda

We’re not going to lie here, these new features are probably one of the most innovative things Honda has done for their vehicle lineup. These are the features standard on the Accord LX, but you’ll find comparable ones across the entire 2013 Honda lineup. Because Honda wants you to have the best driving experience you can have.