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Middletown Honda Debunks Some Common Car Myths

Middletown Honda

Middletown Honda

At our Honda dealership in Orange County, NY, we’ve heard our fair share of crazy myths about cars. For whatever reason, these things get spread and people believe them without every hearing any facts. So for fun, we’re going to debunk a few that we hear frequently.

Deciphering the Truth From the Fiction

I drove a red Honda SUV for many years and never got a speeding ticket, but that didn’t stop people from telling me the police had a grudge against red cars. Maybe this rumor started because red is such an eye-popping color, but there is absolutely no truth to it. In fact, a St. Petersburg Times reporter once combed through police records to perform an informal survey.

The reporter actually found that, in the area, gray cars had the most speeding tickets and white cars got the least!

Do you really need to warm up your vehicle before you drive it? The myth is that in the winter you need to wait for the car to warm up for 10-15 minutes after starting the engine. There used to be a little truth to this when carburetors were used in engines, but all cars these days are built with fuel injectors that are designed to work no matter the temperature (your car will actually warm up quicker by driving it).

You can warm the car up if you want, but all you are going to do is contribute to the world’s pollution problem and speed up the next trip to the gas station.

Thieves only steal expensive cars, right? Wrong. Drivers of fancy luxury cars are not the only one who should be worried about their car getting stolen. You may think no one is going to nab your beater, but many thieves are more interested in stripping the car for its parts than the car itself especially in an older vehicle because those parts may be discontinued and more valuable.

Believe it or not, but one of the most stolen vehicles is a ‘80s/’90s Toyota Camry. You have been warned!

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