Learn How a Carfax Report can Help You Find the Perfect Used Car

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What a Carfax Report Can Do for You – Helpful Tips From Middletown Honda

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If you’ve been shopping around for used car dealerships near Orange County, don’t even test drive a vehicle without asking to see its Carfax Report. Many people are not aware of the great services that a Carfax report offers, so Middletown Honda is here with some helpful tips that will make finding the perfect used car much easier. Let’s take a closer look at what a Carfax report has to offer you.

What Carfax Does for You

Carfax vehicle history reports are used by millions of Americans each year, and for good reason. Vehicle history reports can be generated for any used car or light truck from 1981 to the present. By simply using a car’s vehicle identification number (VIN), a Carfax vehicle history report can be created, giving you an incredible amount of information about the vehicle in question.

Carfax reports include information on the title and whether its ever been junked or salvaged as well as flood history and major accident history. A Carfax report can also tell you the number of previous owners the car has had as in addition to giving you verified odometer readings.

Carfax is the world’s leader when it comes to vehicle information, and they have a database of over 10 billion auto records. Their reports can tell you past emissions results, service records, and even potential accident indicators such as airbag deployment.

The reports offered by Carfax can also tell you if the vehicle was ever used as a taxi, lease, or rental and will let you know if the car has a lemon history. Carfax gathers their information for these reports from over 34,000 different data sources so you can be sure that the information found inside your report is accurate.

Middletown Honda Offers Carfax Reports on all Used Vehicles

Our friendly staff would like to invite you to come by our dealership today. We are proud to offer Carfax vehicle history reports on all of our used cars, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality vehicle here at Middletown Honda.

We pride ourselves on keeping our customers well-informed so that they can make the best choice when it comes to buying a used vehicle. Come see our great inventory and just ask to see the Carfax for any of our great used options.

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