Empower Your Used Car Buying Experience with CarFax Vehicle History Reports

October 22nd, 2012 by
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When buying a new product, you have a guarantee from the manufacturer that it’s in perfect condition. If it turns out it’s not, they’ll replace it, hassle free. With used products, you’re usually not as lucky to receive that kind of care or reassurance. In many cases, it couldn’t be said truer about used cars. While there are many dealerships you can trust, some others, as well as independent sellers, you have a right to be wary of. The experts over at Middletown Honda tipped us off on a few ways that you can use CarFax to make the best informed decision about a used vehicle purchase.

Many buyers feel at an inherent disadvantage because they don’t understand the intricacies of vehicle construction, often having to take the seller’s word that a car is in “good” condition.

Luckily, you have an ace up your sleeve. CarFax vehicle history reports are available for most used vehicles and detail facts about the vehicle’s ownership, maintenance history, and more. Started back in 1981, CarFax now contains information on over 2 billion vehicles by simply following their VIN. Whenever a vehicle goes through maintenance at a service shop or exchanges hands, this information is recorded on a computer and hooked up with CarFax’s database.

  • –  Check the maintenance history. Have the previous owners kept up with their scheduled maintenance? A driver may have performed maintenance themselves, which won’t show up on the report, so ask if possible. If maintenance was not kept up with and the vehicle has a lot miles on it, it may not live as long as you would hope. If the vehicle was in any accidents, check that there wasn’t any significant body damage.
  • –  Look at the ownership history. CarFax will tell you how many drivers the vehicle had, how long they owned the vehicle, and how many miles they put on it. By balancing these facts against each other, along with the maintenance history, you can see how hard the car has been driven, which will affect how long it will last.

Many dealerships offer free CarFax reports, or similar vehicle history reports, so be sure to ask around when you go looking for your next car.

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