Meet the Most Powerful Truck in the Game at Middletown Honda

August 22nd, 2016 by
2017 Honda Ridgeline dusty

When it comes to trucks, Honda doesn’t mess around- the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is proof. Goshen, Monroe, and Newburgh, NY drivers have yet to experience anything like this extensively redesigned, powerful model. Interested? You need to come to Middletown Honda and see this beauty for yourself. Powertrains and MPG The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is Honda’a…

2017 Honda Ridgeline Reviews: This Truck Tops the Competition

July 22nd, 2016 by
2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline reviews have finally started to be published, and drivers from across Goshen and Monroe are eager to hear the experts weigh in. After taking the 2016 model year off, the Ridgeline has been comprehensively redesigned for 2017 — judging by what the critics are saying, the time was well spent to make…

What Happens When 800 Pounds of Rock Fall Onto a Ridgeline?

July 20th, 2016 by
2017 Honda Ridgeline open gate

  At first glance, the idea of a composite truck bed might seem like a questionable choice when compared to either steel or aluminum, but a recent 800-pound block-drop challenge proves that Goshen and Monroe drivers will get a whole lot more by going composite with the 2017 Honda Ridgeline. Not only is the truck…

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Release Date has Arrived

June 21st, 2016 by
2017 Honda Ridgeline

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline release date is here, and truck enthusiasts in Goshen and Monroe are thrilled. The new series of the Honda Ridgeline comes packed with a host of features like push-button start, heated seats, and tri-zone climate control to make it an ideal pickup for heavy-duty hauling or comfortable daily driving. Top-Notch Features…

The Upcoming 2017 Honda Ridgeline Features Advanced Technologies

May 17th, 2016 by
2017 Honda Ridgeline Truck Bed

Goshen and Monroe drivers already know that the 2017 Honda Ridgeline features an innovative bed, but they’ve yet to hear about some of its other amenities. From luxurious leather fittings to state-of-the-art convenience technologies, the Ridgeline is redefining what you can expected from a pickup truck. First-Rate Comfort The Ridgeline comes with all-new front bucket seats that…

Check Out the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Accessories

February 17th, 2016 by
2017 Honda Ridgeline

Few upcoming vehicles are attracting attention like Honda’s upcoming redesigned pickup truck, and a reveal of some of the 2017 Honda Ridgeline accessories are expected to fan the flames. Drivers from Goshen and Monroe have already been won over by the new truck’s innovative cargo bed systems, especially the available sound system, so the addition of…

New Details About the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

September 10th, 2015 by
Next-Generation Ridgeline Concept Art

Goshen and Monroe drivers are eager for news concerning the upcoming 2017 Honda Ridgeline redesign, and we’re happy to share important details about how this pickup will evolve. First introduced in 2005, the angular styling and car-like profile of the Ridgeline have made it a strong contender in the light pickup segment, but the 2017…

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