Why You Should Change Your Air Filter

June 22nd, 2021 by

The vehicle air filter – one of the most commonly overlooked pieces of a car. Although it might seem insignificant, a dirty air filter might be costing you money. Here are a few reasons why you should have your air filter serviced: Clean air filters increase fuel efficiency by increasing air flow to the engine,…

When To Replace Your Timing Belt

June 21st, 2021 by

Your timing belt is like a conductor, it helps synchronize numerous vital engine processes to ensure smooth driving. Unfortunately, timing belt wear is difficult to spot and typically the belt just breaks if left unattended. The recommended maintenance schedule for timing belts is every 60K to 100K miles. It’s a good idea to check your…

What Is Hydroplaning and How Do I Avoid It?

June 15th, 2021 by

As a driver, knowing how to handle hydroplaning is essential to keeping you and your Honda safe on the road. Hydroplaning happens when your tires encounter more water or liquid than they can dispel. The water basically creates a barrier between your tires and the road causing you to lose control of the vehicle. The…

My Signal Lights are Blinking Faster, What Does This Mean?

June 12th, 2021 by

If your signal lights are blinking faster than usual, you could have a burnt out bulb. Since the bulb is burnt out, the total voltage load is lowered which allows the circuits to fire even easier. This is your car letting you know it’s time to change lightbulbs. – To make sure your lighting systems…

When Should You Check Your Tire Pressure?

June 11th, 2021 by

Did you know improperly inflated tires can make them wear faster as well as lower gas mileage and handling? Those are just a few reasons it’s important to keep your tire pressure in check. Here’s how to regulate your tire pressure to keep your Honda running smoothly: Locate the your vehicle’s tire pressure information, this…

When Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid?

June 4th, 2021 by

The transmission is one of the most vital components of any car. An automatic transmission detects when to shift gears using oil pressure based on how you’re driving. Maintaining proper transmission fluid levels is key to your car’s long and happy life. According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), it’s recommended to change your…

My Brakes are Squeaking, What Should I Do?

June 3rd, 2021 by

There are many reasons brakes make noise. Brakes that make a scraping sound could have caught a rock or some other small object. Squealing brakes could indicate rust accumulation on the rotors which is fairly common. However, if you notice your brakes begin to squeak it means your brake-wear indicators are doing their job. Your…

What is the Recommended Maintenance Schedule for My Vehicle?

February 20th, 2018 by
Middletown Honda Service Center

Taking care of your vehicle is essential for it to offer optimal performance on the Middletown roads. Because your vehicle is comprised of different elements, it’s important that all these elements are properly maintained at the correct intervals. Consulting your vehicle’s manual will let you know the optimal time to have your vehicle serviced; however,…

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Why Checking Your Oil Level is Important

August 28th, 2013 by

You may feel that changing the oil in your car is beyond your abilities, but there’s still one very important way you can keep up with motor oil maintenance. Checking your oil’s level from time to time and then topping off the reserve off will help you to keep your engine happy and healthy. When…

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Receive a Full Diagnostic Scan for $89 at Middletown Honda

August 21st, 2013 by

“Check Engine” light flare up on your dashboard? While some drivers may ignore it, or even stick electrical tape over it to cover it up, getting it checked out at Middletown Honda could help you to save big money on repairs in the future. The only way to see what your car is trying to…

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