Have Your Checked Your Air Filter Lately?

January 20th, 2013 by

Maintaining Your VehicleAn air filter is an essential part to your vehicle’s engine. One of the best ways to know if you’re overdue to change it out is to take a peak at the schedule located in your vehicle’s manual. If you’re unsure, there’s an easy way to manually check it, but first, let’s get down to the basics of how your air filter plays a vital role in the functioning of your engine.

What Does Your Engine Air Filter Do Exactly?

Oxygen is a vital component in a working engine. Without it, you’re vehicle literally wouldn’t be able to go. The combustion reaction in your engine’s cylinders requires the proper mixture of gasoline and air to take place. It doesn’t require a lot of gasoline either, just a small amount that’s atomized by your fuel injectors.

Your air filter is essential to making sure that no foreign particles enter your engine. Foreign materials like leaves, dust, bugs, and other small objects will make quick work of your engine’s moving components, leading to costly repairs. Like many other vehicle parts, though, it needs to be replaced from time to time.

How to Determine if Your Filter Needs Changing

Here’s an easy way to check. Look in your vehicle’s manual as to where your filter is located. It should be close to the engine block. Undo the housing and remove the filter by the rubber lining, not by the paper. Hold it up to the light; if you can’t see any light shining through, give it some gentle taps against the fender or your shoe. Make sure that you’re only hitting it on the rubber part, though; you don’t want to damage the actual filter. If you still can’t see any light, then it’s probably time for a replacement. This will make sure that your engine gets enough air to breathe.

Where to Get a New One

If it turns out that you need a new air filter, you can get one from our parts center at Middletown Honda. We have a parts department with a wide variety of quality, genuine Honda parts to help with your home repair. One of the best parts about working with us is that you can locate your parts easily online by simply knowing the year and model of your Honda. If you’re not comfortable installing the filter yourself, we’d be happy to help you with it.