Keep Your Kids Safe in Your Car

September 6th, 2012 by
Middletown Honda

Middletown Honda

As a parent in Orange County New York, you want to keep your children as safe as possible while you drive, but what is the best way to do that? Read these basic booster seat and seatbelt tips before visiting our dealership to look for your next new Honda model.

Booster Seat Safety Tips

Booster seats are designed for children that have outgrown more restrictive car seats, but who still need assistance fitting into a seatbelt designed for an adult. Don’t stop using a booster seat until your child passes the Safety Belt Fit Test. Always use a booster seat in the back — never in the front seat. Use it every time you drive with your child.

Make sure the booster seat is strapped down with a lap belt and make sure the shoulder belt is not behind the child’s back or under their arm.

The Safety Belt Fit Test

  • This test is something you can perform on your own. Place your child in the back seat in a proper upright position. If the child’s knees do not bend at the seat edge, keep them in the booster seat.
  • Next, buckle the seatbelt around them. Make sure the lap belt stays low on the hips. Continue using a booster seat if it rests against your child’s stomach.
  • Check the position of the shoulder belt to make sure it is on the collarbone and shoulder, and not on the neck or face. If it doesn’t meet these criteria, continue using the lap belt.
  • Last, make sure the child can comfortably sit with the shoulder belt on the shoulder and the lap belt on the lap. If they can, you can stop using the booster seat.

Seatbelt Safety Tips

Don’t be afraid to put your child back in a booster seat if they use seatbelts improperly. Make sure they aren’t lying down while wearing their seatbelt, and be a good role model by always wearing your seatbelt and insisting that everybody else in the car wears theirs.

Need Help? Come to Middletown Honda!

If you are still uncertain on proper seatbelt methods, come to Middleton Honda. We are one of the most recognized and trusted Honda dealers in the Orange County area, and we want to help keep you and your children safe.