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Drivers in Newburgh: Find Your Next Vehicle at Middletown Honda

At Middletown Honda, we’re proud to offer excellent service and guidance to our Newburgh customers shopping for their next vehicle. We’re dedicated to helping you find a financing plan that is most beneficial to you, your lifestyle, and your unique financial situation. We want you to drive home happy in the car you want today.

Located in Middletown, we’re about a 30-minute drive from Newburgh. Here’s how to find us:

  • Get on I-84
  • Take exit 4W to merge onto NY-17 W toward Binghamton
  • Take exit 120 for NY-211 toward Middletown/Montgomery
  • Turn right onto NY-211 E
  • You’ll see us in the right-hand side at 520 NY-211

Navigating Financial Options

One of the first and most important options to decide when shopping for a vehicle is whether buying or leasing is more beneficial. The answer really depends on what type of driver you are. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each option.

A Look at Leasing

Leasing is attractive for many Newburgh drivers because in a sense, you are able to get more car for less money. That’s because when you take out a lease you are making payments toward the residual value of the car—that is, the expected depreciated value at the end of the lease term—rather than the full price of the car. So if a $30,000 car is expected to be worth $16,000 at the end of a 3-year lease term, then you are only paying that lower expected amount.

A Look at Buying

On the other hand, leasing agreements come with a number of terms that have to be followed such as road mileage restrictions. You are also not allowed to make alterations or add customizations. So if you’re a driver who generally racks up a lot of miles on the odometer or if you want to the choice to make alterations, consider buying.

Also, perhaps the biggest benefit that buying has over leasing is that coveted moment when you come to your last car payment. After that, you own the car outright. With leasing, when you make your last payment, you have to turn the vehicle in and start the process over again.

Find Out More About Auto Financing at Middletown Honda

To find out more information on all the pros and cons to buying and leasing a new car and other payment options and avenues, stop into our dealership near Newburgh today or call us on (855) 473-3053. We’re here to help you with any questions you might have and are here to help you decide what options are the most beneficial to you.