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Drivers in the Chester area looking for a place to perform oil changes on their vehicle, look no further than Middletown Honda. One of the premier dealerships in the area, we are committed to providing excellence to our customers—and that includes performing routine maintenance such as oil changes to keep your vehicle healthy and running at its best.

  • Located in Middletown, we’re only about a 15-minute drive from Chester. Here’s how to find us:
  • Take NY-17 W/US-6 W from Main St and NY-94 W
  • Take exit 120 for NY-211 toward Middletown/Montgomery
  • Turn right onto NY-211 E
  • You’ll see us on the right-hand side at 520 NY-211
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At Middletown Honda we understand that oil changes can be a chore, even a nuisance—how many of us keep it at the bottom of our to-do lists? But Middletown Honda can help. We think that if we review why oil changes are so important it can make it a little easier to make it more of a priority when the time comes.

The Importance of Oil

Oil is vital to the mechanics of your vehicle’s engine. Oil lubricates the pistons and keeps the engine from overheating. It’s the very life-blood of your car.

A common rule that gets tossed around when it comes to oil changes is the 3-month/3,500-mile benchmark. But for those drivers who rarely reach 3,500 miles within 3 months, when is it time for your oil change? The answer is to go by the calendar. For drivers who rack up less miles on the odometer, the engine is heating up fast for shorter trips while cooling down for longer periods of time. This can cause condensation to accumulate inside the oil fill cap and is even sometimes misdiagnosed as internal engine problems.

Other Benefits of Regular Maintenance

There are a number of other benefits to keeping up-to date with your vehicle’s oil changes that you may not consider right away. The 3-month rule can act as a guide to when other routine maintenance should be performed, such as tire rotations. It’s also extremely valuable to have a trained technician look under the hood and at the underside of your vehicle for signs of excessive wear before those problems get exacerbated.

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