Blooming Grove Drivers Always Head to Middletown Honda for an Oil Change

Few basic auto maintenance issues are as well-known as the humble oil change, but Blooming Grove drivers still sometimes forget to carry out the procedure. Luckily, they can swing by Middletown Honda to let our highly trained technicians take care of it for them.

To find us from Blooming Grove, just follow these easy directions:

  • Get on NY-17 W/US-6 W in Chester from NY-94 W
  • Follow NY-17 W to NY-211 E in Scotchtown. Take exit 120 from NY-17 W
  • Turn right onto NY-211 E before finding Middletown Honda on your right at 520 New York 211 E.

The Importance of Changing Your Oil

Your vehicle is constructed from numerous moving parts that move against each other during normal operation. Oil lubricates those parts; without it, heat is created and they are rapidly worn down, impairing performance.

Oil reduces friction and absorbs heat, but it won’t function perfectly forever. Dirt accumulates in the oil-lines, so you’ll need to drain and replace it regularly if the vehicle is to remain in peak condition. Failing to do so can even lead to more complex repairs, such as in the case of a clogged filter. Some Blooming Grove drivers believe that an oil change isn’t necessary if they only drive a few miles a day, but that lack of distance covered is negated by the fact that oil breaks down faster when the engine isn’t allowed to run for a long time.

The Importance of a Professional Oil Change

Conducting an oil change isn’t hard, so most Blooming Grove drivers can do it themselves. However, it’s still advantageous to come down to Middletown Honda instead.

Our state-of-the-art service center is home to a team of highly trained and experienced technicians. As well as completing the job quickly and efficiently, they’ll take the time to look under the hood and beneath the vehicle, looking for small issues which could become major problems if left unchecked.

Arrange Your Oil Change Now by Contacting Middletown Honda

At Middletown Honda, we’re always here to assist Blooming Grove drivers, so come down today to take care of your vehicle’s oil, or for any further servicing information. You can also call our service center on (855) 473-3051 or schedule your next oil change online.