Get a Fast Oil Change Near Monroe at Middletown Honda

Man Changing Engine Oil

If there is one piece of vehicle maintenance that you cannot neglect, it’s getting an oil change. Your car’s engine depends on an adequate supply of clean oil to carry out all of its most important functions. Without this oil, it can tear itself apart in no time. That is why you should always get your oil changed every three months or after 3000 miles of travel. And when you are due, you should always bring your car to our Monroe-area car dealership, Middletown Honda.

Make an Appointment for Fast Service

You can book your oil change online ahead of time, and then when you get here, we are all set up to get you in and out. That way, you don’t have to spend your time waiting around for a free mechanic. Our technicians pride themselves on their speed, and our service department is designed for efficiency and quality.

No Pressure Tactics

When you take your car into the big chain oil change places, they try to scare you into buying a bunch of extra services you don’t want. You went in wanting an oil change, and you leave spending a lot more on maintenance. At Middletown Honda, we respect our customers, which is why we don’t try to manipulate them into buying more.

Professional Mechanics

Who would you rather have working on your car: a kid straight out of high school with no experience, or a professional mechanic trained to work on Honda vehicles? Our staff is made up of true automotive experts, and they will treat your vehicle with the care and respect it deserves. That way, there are no mistakes, no damages, and no details overlooked. Even with something simple like an oil change, experience counts.

Visit Us in Middletown

Our service department is open six days a week. Find a time that is convenient for you, book your appointment, and head in our direction. We are located at 520 Route 211, right off of US-6. That is less than 20 minutes from Monroe. Just look for the Gander Mountain and you are right in our backyard. If it’s time for an oil change, let Middletown Honda change it the right way.