Oil changing process.

Oil Changes Keep Your Car Running at its Best

Car owners who need regular auto maintenance near Montgomery, NY go to Middletown Honda for their top-of-the-line service and experienced technicians. Regular maintenance from inspections to tire rotations are important to keep your car running efficiently, and oil changes are one of the most important components of maintaining a vehicle’s engine.

Just 9 minutes from Montgomery, NY, drivers travel 16 minutes to Middletown Honda. Just follow these directions to our service center:

  • Drive southwest on NY-211 W/Union St
  • We are on the left at 520 New York 211, Middletown, NY

Importance of an Oil Change

Oil keeps the parts in your engine running smoothly and cleanly. Neglecting to change your oil can result in engine lockups and unwanted buildup on the moving components which can lead to costly repairs. The experts at Middletown Honda can ensure your engine is properly maintained.

How Often Do I Change My Oil?

Regular oil changes are recommended every few months or each time your car accumulates another 3,500 miles. This number can vary, so consult your manufacturer for details about your specific model to be sure. If your car does not meet the 3,500 mile mark within a few months that may mean you are taking short trips more frequently and you may actually need an oil change more than cars that are driven longer trips and reach the 3,500 mile mark. This is because each time you drive, your engine is heating up and cooling down the oil more frequently decreasing the effectiveness of the oil. A regular oil change can be used as a reminder to replace other fluids in your car or perform additional maintenance like a tire rotation, eliminating the need for frequent monitoring.

Do I Need To Take My Car to a Service Center?

There are many benefits to having an expert change your oil. An expert mechanic can inspect other parts of the vehicle while changing the oil to ensure no issues exist elsewhere that can cause problems down the road. An expert also will have a clear picture of the rarely seen undercarriage of your car offering them more opportunity to identify any additional wear on your car that can repaired.

See the Experts at Middletown Honda

Our trusted technicians at 520 Rte 211 E in Middletown, NY have all the tools they need to keep your car going. Just call 855-473-3053 or schedule your oil change online today. We can’t wait to serve our customers from Montgomery!