Oil changing process.

Monticello Drivers: Don’t Delay! Get Your Oil Changed at Middletown Honda Today

At Middletown Honda, we know that keeping up to date with your vehicle’s oil change can sometimes be difficult, even feel like a chore. But the truth is nothing is better for the overall health and longevity of your vehicle. Drivers in Monticello looking for a place to take care of this and other routine maintenance, come to Middletown Honda today. We’ll take the utmost care of your vehicle and get you back behind the wheel and on the road in no time flat. Located in Middletown, we are only about 30 minutes away from Monticello. Here’s how to find us:

  • Get on NY-17 E from Liberty St and High St
  • Follow NY-17 E and take exit 120E for New York 211 E toward Montgomery
  • Merge onto NY-211 E
  • You’ll see us on the right-hand side at 520 New York 211

The Importance of Getting Your Oil Change

Here at Middletown Honda, we do everything we can to try to make getting your vehicle’s oil changed feel a little easier. We think if you know the important role that oil plays it can feel a little less burdensome when the time comes to change it.

One of the most important things to know is about the 3-month/ 3,000-mile rule. If you drive you’re car less often and rarely hit the 3,000-mile mark within the 3-month limit, stick to the calendar to tell you when it’s time to get the oil changed. It’s actually more important for less-frequent drivers to keep up to date with oil changes. That’s because the engine heats up in quicker intervals while cooling down for longer periods of time, creating condensation. This can translate to excess, clumped-up moisture accumulating on the oil fill cap and can even lead to a misdiagnoses of an internal engine problem.

Under the Hood

Don’t underestimate the value of having one of our factory-trained and certified technicians take a look under the hood of your car every 3 months. We can notify you immediately when we see any problem areas to watch out for or excessive wear on your car’s mechanical components—from belts to wiper blades to unsafe tires to broken exhaust parts. This means you can nip potential problems in the bud before they get exacerbated so there are no surprises down the road.

Get Your Oil Changed Today

Don’t keep putting it off. Stop in or make an appointment today to take care of your vehicle’s oil and get your vehicle back fast and running at its best. We hope to see our Monticello customers soon!