CNET Wants New Standard Features Already Featured on New Honda Vehicles

April 5th, 2013 by

Antuan Goodwin of CNET recently broke down a list of standard features he would like to see on all new vehicles. Color us surprised when we found out his list includes things that Honda has made standard on their 2013 Honda cars.

New Features on Honda Models

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re probably aware new Honda models come equipped with a wide range of new features that many other automakers expect you to pay extra for. Here are the ones that CNET thinks everyone should be including (and, since they’re already on new Honda models, we clearly agree):

  • •   Bluetooth: people may have scoffed at the idea of standard Bluetooth just a few years ago, but the fact is this is the kind of convenience technology that not only is appealing to many drivers but also could potentially increase safety. By cutting away the clutter of cords and removing the temptation to fumble around with your phone while driving, Honda’s inclusion of Bluetooth is ahead of the curve. New models also include audio streaming.
  • •   iPod connectivity: Goodwin thinks this is the current generation’s 8-track or CD player, and we have to agree. So many drivers have iPods these days and would rather listen to their gigs of songs than what can fit on a single CD.
  • •   Rearview camera: even the best blind-spot checkers can have trouble sometimes, and having a standard rearview camera bypasses that, giving you a full view of what’s behind you, making backing up and parking all the easier.

In addition to these features, Honda has included some that CNET didn’t ask for, such as SMS text messaging capabilities—which lets drivers text and drive, dictating text messages via voice—and steering wheel-mounted controls to make sure you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

When you add in the upcoming Siri compatibility for iPhone users, it’s clear Honda has your best interests at heart.

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