Honda is Helping to Develop Intelligent Communication Between Vehicles

November 8th, 2012 by

In Vienna, Honda recently participated in the World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems. While I love to drive cars, I also think that, someday, we could all be transported to work by a computer controlled car. There are many benefits to an intelligent transportation system in cars and in the traffic infrastructure — I think it’s important to look towards the future, and so does Honda.

Applications to Improve Safety, Environment, and Comfort

Honda presented technologies to the ITS conference that can demonstrate how an intelligent transportation system can offer improvements in passenger safety and comfort, in addition to resulting in a lowered environmental impact:

  • •   Communication between vehicles and roadside stations will allow smart cars to anticipate hazards on the road and know traffic light timing in advance, which will facilitate smooth traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • •   Reduced traffic congestion due to innovative smart prediction systems can save huge amounts of fuel and reduce emissions.
  • •   Honda showed off the HondaLink and Internavi LINC systems, which provide traffic updates in real time as well as smartphone connectivity for wireless data and entertainment.

Intelligent Transportation Systems In the Real World

The World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems also included a real world demonstration of the benefits of such systems in Viennatraffic. A Honda Insight equipped with special communications systems will travel with a collection of other cars similarly equipped that can share their position and other information with each other and intelligent transit way posts along the route. This allows the driver to be notified of useful information like:

  • •   Optimal green light speed
  • •   Accident ahead
  • •   Construction ahead
  • •   Other hazards ahead
  • •   Traffic congestion ahead
  • •   Inclement Weather Warnings
  • •   A warning that vehicles ahead have used their emergency brakes
  • •   A motorcycle approaching indicator.

Honda has approached Intelligent Transportation Systems with enthusiastic support, and has partnered with other companies and research organizations in order to make this technology a possibility in the near future. This technology could radically reduce traffic accidents. The approach seeks to augment the driver’s ability to react by increasing the driver’s ability to observe hazards with technology. This is a truly exciting time for automotive technology!