Coolant Flushes Are an Important Part of Vehicle Maintenance

August 30th, 2013 by

Car engine

Regular maintenance involves a lot more than oil changes and tire rotations. Looking in your vehicle owner’s guide can help you find out how often you need to take care of that other stuff, like timing belt replacements and coolant flushes.

If it turns out that you’re overdue for any of these services, we encourage you to give Middletown Honda a call! We’re one of the best places around to get service, thanks to our dedication to personal orders and competitive prices.

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How Your Coolant Protects Your Engine

If you’ve ever taken a look at your tachometer (it’s the gauge right next to your speedometer), you can see that your engine is turning several thousand times per minute. Despite lubrication, a system like that still experiences a fair amount of friction, which in turn creates heat. This heat piles up as your engine moves faster and faster, and if left unchecked, it would reach such high levels that it would begin to melt vital components.

Luckily, this is where coolant comes in. Your engine was designed with special channels that allow coolant to flow closely to moving parts. Since the coolant is cooler than the engine, it absorbs heat and carries it to the radiator, where it is then released to the cooler air.

Your coolant is made up of about 50% water and 50% anti-freeze. The anti-freeze helps to prevent the water from freezing or boiling. Your anti-freeze needs to be switched out from time to time, though, because it loses its ability to keep your engine cool. Electrolysis also causes parts of the engine to flake off in the coolant, so these pieces need to be flushed out regularly, before they can build up and cause damage.

Regular coolant flushes, as well as other maintenance, will help you to reduce the risk of expensive repairs in the future. Middletown’s close location makes us one of the best places to take care of this service!