Dealing With Dishonest Car Salespeople

April 8th, 2013 by

A Happy Middletown Honda CustomerContrary to the popular stereotype, most car salespeople are honest and caring people. That still is not to say that there aren’t dishonest ones among our bunch, though. Many people are afraid to be taken advantage of by these types of sales people, and fear getting a bad deal or worse, a lemon vehicle.

How to Avoid a Shady Car Sale

Here are a few tips on staying afloat during these types of interactions, as well being prepared for when they happened:

  • Checkout vehicle history reports: reports like AutoCheck and Carfax contain vital information about a car’s past that can help you to have leverage in a deal. This is not to say you should take advantage of different things, but rather use it more to learn about the condition of the vehicle. You should also be wary of red flags that may pop up, such as body damage from an accident or a flood title.
  • Value the used vehicle that interests you: services like Kelley’s Blue Book can help you to know the current market value of different vehicles. This information can help to give you knowledge you need to prevent a bad deal.
  • Shop somewhere else: a good salesperson won’t try to put the pressure on you to make a sale. If they start to name much lower prices than then they had before when you say you want to shop around, they may be trying to unload a dud on you.
  • Know about lemon laws: you get your used car, and it works great for a week, until it starts to have problems, big problems. You’ve bought a lemon, and there’s a good chance that the salesperson knew it too. Luckily, there are a number of aptly named “Lemon Laws” to help consumers protect themselves. If you think you’ve bought a lemon vehicle, research the laws in your area to see whom you need to contact to get legal assistance.

Receive the Sales Experience You Deserve at Middletown Honda

We value honesty, friendliness, and non-aggressive sales tactics at Middletown Honda. If you would like to learn about any of the Honda vehicles at Middletown or take one for a test drive, we encourage you to either visit us at our dealership at 520 Route 211, or give us a call with any questions.