How to Change Your Motor Oil at Home

October 1st, 2012 by

Middletown HondaWhile here at Middletown Honda we’re always happy to get your oil changed quickly, we appreciate the value in learning how to do it at home. As one of the most common vehicle maintenance issues, the oil change is never very far from your schedule of routine service, so because we’re always in the business in helping our customers save money, here it is: the DIY oil change.

Have the Proper Materials

There’s a lot more to changing the oil in your vehicle than just oil. Without the correct tools, you’ll end up with a mess that you would not believe, so before you grab the skateboard and zip under the car, makes sure you have the following:

–          The manufacturer-recommended make and amount of motor oil (check your owner’s manual)

–          A new oil filter and filter removal wrench

–          A drain pan

–          Drain plug wrench,

–          Gloves

–          Floor Jacks with safety stands

Warm Up the Car

An oil change always goes better with warm oil. Let the engine run until hot, and then let it cool. While you’re busy letting the engine cool down, grab your safety stands and floor jacks and lift your car off the ground so you have easy clearance.

Drain the Old Oil

This is easily done; locate the drain plug on your vehicle’s undercarriage oil pan, and set up your drain pan underneath. It’s important to note that the oil will not fall straight down but shoot out at an angle, so plan accordingly. With the drain plug wrench, loosen the plug, and remove it by hand. Once all the oil is drained, wrench it back in.

Replace the Oil Filter

The next step is to get rid of the old filter and replace it with your new one. Using your filter wrench, get the filter loosened up, and then slowly unscrew it by hand. The filter will also have oil in it, so carefully tip it out into your drain pan. The new filter can be screwed in the same way, but don’t over tighten it: oil filters are meant to just barely make contact with the sealing surface, so don’t tighten by more than a three-quarter turn once the filter makes contact.

Add the New Oil

Now you can add your new oil under the hood, and turn over the ignition. After a few cycles, check to make sure that the oil isn’t leaking anywhere underneath the vehicle. If everything looks good, switch off the engine and lower the car off the jacks. Check the dipstick to make sure you’ve added enough oil, and you’re done!

Get Your Next Oil Change at Middletown Honda

If you’d rather leave the mess to the professionals, contact us at Middletown Honda to get your vehicle’s oil changed quickly at bargain prices. We look forward to hearing from you, soon!

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