Does Skipping the A/C in Summer Save on Fuel?

May 16th, 2013 by

Elderly DriverIf summer hits the northeast again like it did last year, then your car’s air conditioning is going to see some considerable usage. Even the short drive from Middletown to Newburgh would be rather unbearable without a little cool air rolling from your car’s vents.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got some fuel savvy friends who claim that driving without the air on will help you to save big on your monthly gas bill. Well, I’m here to debunk that crowd and allow you to blast the air conditioning without guilt. All it takes is a little science.

Roll the Windows up and Turn on the Air

Everything in your vehicle burns fuel in either a direct or indirect form. This includes your air conditioning. Compared with the amount gasoline your engine uses, the amount it takes to run your A/C is very small.

Many drivers are willing to make a sacrifice to save this small amount of fuel, which I find all together admirable, tenacious, and very uncomfortable. Even with the windows down on a hot day, I still tend to swelter. The truth is, though, that having the windows down creates a significant amount of drag on your vehicle. To overcome this drag, your car has to work harder by burning more gas. Tests have actually been performed in wind tunnels to prove that this is true.

When it comes down to it, fuel expenditure is relative. So, tell your friend he or she is wrong, roll up the windows, and turn on the A/C.

Take Care of Air Conditioning Problems at Middletown Honda

Hotter days are ahead of us. If your car’s air is on the fritz, bring it into Middletown Honda and we’ll help fix it up for you. We’re located at 520 Route 211 in Middletown, right next to the Gander Mountain. To make an appointment with us, feel free schedule service online. We’re here to help you to keep comfortable in the summer.