Don’t Forget Your Pets!

July 5th, 2012 by

Now that summer is in full swing everyone wants to hit the road, take a dip and spend as much time as they can outside enjoying the summer sun with their family, friends and even their pets! Here are some things to keep in mind when you bring your furry little friends on your next summer adventure! Getting in your hot car on a summer day has to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences until that air conditioning is cranking or the windows are rolled down so imagine how that heat feels to your pet. Do not park your car and leave your pet in there by itself, even if it is in the shade. According to Dr. Louise Murray, Vice President of ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, “On a hot day, a parked car can become a furnace in no time-even with the windows open-which could lead to fatal heat stroke.” Just because the windows are cracked doesn’t mean that temperatures don’t rise at alarming and unhealthy rates. Animals with shorter snouts like bulldogs and pugs are highly susceptible to heat stroke because panting is less efficient for them to keep cool. Some states have even instituted laws against leaving your pet in a vehicle for any amount of time due to the severity of the health issues it can cause.

Another road tip for you and your pet on a hot summer day is to make sure that your pet is not walking on asphalt or standing on it for too long. Just getting to the car can cause serious and painful health issues for pets. Hot asphalt can burnt sensitive paw pads as well as cause their body to heat up quickly due to their close proximity to the ground.

So if you do take your pet for a road trip watch for signs of over heating pets. The symptoms include difficulty breathing, excessive panting, mild weakness, excessive drooling, increased heart and respiratory rate and even collapse. Keep pets hydrated and be mindful when travelling with your furry friends and they will be sure to enjoy the open road just as much as you do!


Here at Middletown Honda we are proud sponsors of the local ASPCA as well as other animal programs. For more information on the ASPCA click here.

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