EV’s And The Future

August 5th, 2021 by

Electric Vehicles will be zooming around more and more in the next few years. Auto makers are hoping that by 2030, electric vehicle sales will be around 50%. They have been increasing in the last few years and people have been brainstorming new ideas on the new upbringing. Some people despise the idea of stopping every hour to charge your car. It will take a lot to shift mindsets for the people driving traditional cars, says caranddriver.com. Change is coming, and sadly the only thing you can do is adjust when you have to. In the next 4 years there will be a lot more electric cars roaming around.

There is a lot more work to be put in with an electric vehicle. The downside is that just like a phone battery, your car battery can lose its juice quicker the longer you have it as well. They say to charge once a day to a threshold of at least 80 percent. People have to get charging stations for their homes and worry about when their battery will give out if the stations don’t have a charging spot. Also, waiting around for their car to actually charge. The electricity, interestingly, will not be a problem to receive though. They actually may just stabilize the grid and these cars are actually a bit better for the environment and can benefit in many ways with new updating and less pollution from fumes. They have their pros and cons, like everything that exists.

Many car companies and even new start up car companies have bright new ideas coming along, launching soon and giving us some inside looks to what is being created. Even Honda is producing a new car called the Prologue, their first electric car set for 2024. The future is here, and it will be electric. 


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