Do You Know if Your Fuel Injectors Need to be Replaced?

September 4th, 2012 by
Middletown Honda Service Department

Trust Middletown Honda’s Service Department

If you’re looking for an Orange County Honda dealer that can help repair your vehicle, Middletown Honda is the place for you! At Middletown we’re proud to offer New York drivers a state of the art service center, staffed by Honda-certified service technicians and vehicle specialists. No matter what sort of auto service you might need, from fast tune-ups to fuel-injection system rebuilds, we’re your one-stop shop for top-quality auto service!


How to Determine You Need New Fuel Injectors

Here at Middletown Honda, we think it’s important for our Orange County customers to be at least somewhat knowledgeable about their vehicles; after all, sometimes just a little knowledge can save you a ton of money on repairs down the road — and one easy repair that can save you money is replacing your fuel injectors!

It used to be that the carburetor delivered the gas to your car’s engine, but nowadays it’s typical to use one of two systems: an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, or a constant injection system (CIS). While the differences between the two systems’ functionality can be stark, the both exhibit very similar symptoms of failure.

If you start to notice problems, like if your vehicle won’t start well, it has a jerky or rough idle, or you start to get uncharacteristically bad fuel economy, you might have a leak within your fuel injector pump or seals. More serious signs are a loss of acceleration, gasoline pooling under your vehicle, or the smell of gasoline in the cabin. All of these signs indicate you should get vehicle service immediately.


Stop into Middletown Honda for Your Next Auto Service

The good news is that your fuel injectors are often about as easy to replace as a spark plug; the auto professionals at Middletown Honda can do it quickly and efficiently.

While some auto enthusiasts will try to save money by cleaning rather than replacing their injectors, they’re only delaying what is an inevitability: because your injectors utilize moving parts, eventually they will need to be replaced. When they do, Orange County drivers can schedule a service appointment with Middletown Honda; whether you need new fuel injectors, or any other complex auto service we’ll get your vehicle fixed up right!

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