Here’s What to Love About the 2022 Honda Accord

February 7th, 2022 by

Happy February! What do you love about your car?

Here’s what we love about the 2022 Honda Accord.

The 2022 Accord has remained basically the same over the last couple of years. With minor detail changes here and there, overall the car is pretty much halfway through its lifespan of a new redesign. The 2021 had updated LED lights, minor tweaks in the infotainment center, and small updates in the grille so for the last couple of years, the 2022 stays consistently similar. The 2022 Accord is a mid size sedan, classic car that everyone enjoys. The sporty look and comfortable and roomy interior is exactly what many people look for. This vehicle has some pep in its step, with it having a 4-cylinder engine and about 192 horsepower. It has a smooth ride in its automatic transmission as an economical choice for the daily driver with the average about 32 city and highway combined miles per gallon. This car does come with Honda sensing – Lane keeping assist, cruise control, frontal collision warning and a rearview camera.

In Conclusion, this is a family-friendly sedan, with balance in power and reliability. It has sustained this for previous years to still meet that goal and continues to do so today.

Check out Honda for a more in depth read, about the new 2022 Accord.

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