Honda 2021 Sensing

July 28th, 2021 by

What is Honda Sensing? | Honda Features | Phil Hughes Honda

The all new Honda 2021 cars come with an overload of sensors. You thought you were sensitive…

Here we have advanced airbag technology, in front and on both sides, even your knees, to help protect you in the time of a collision.

The multi-angle rearview camera has three different angles to help you see better in reverse.

Braking System automatically applies braking when in need of it in an unavoidable collision when getting too close to another vehicle.

Road Departure Mitigation System and Lane Departure adjusts the steering and braking when going outside the detected lanes. 

Traffic Sign Recognition takes in your surroundings and shows you the present speed of the road you are traveling on. 


All of these senses are moderately made for 


-bad weather




These are all updated sensors to help when you are driving. Cars have advanced in many ways to help avoid one to end up in a collision. There are many ways to do the best to protect ones self from crashing, it might not completely prevent an accident but every little thing counts in the course lead up to one.