What is Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology?

August 19th, 2012 by

Higher Power and Efficiency Combined Are No Longer Just a Dream With Honda’s New Earth Dreams Technology

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It used to be a rule of the road that in order to make a car more fuel efficient, you had to sacrifice power. Thanks to the Earth Dreams technology now in production from Honda, yesterday’s rules are about to be left in the dust. The Earth Dreams technology suite includes a full slate of technological advancements that sum up to substantial improvements in both fuel efficiency and engine performance. These advancements mark another exciting stage in Honda’s campaign for a 30% reduction in emissions for their worldwide inventory of products by 2020 over their ratings from 2000.


Earth Dreams Presents Improvements for All of Honda’s Engines

As Orange County’s trusted Honda dealer, Middletown Honda is excited to shed some light on this latest wave of improvements in the Honda lineup. This isn’t just one new engine type that will only be available in a fancy new trim package – the Earth Dreams Technology suite introduces fundamental upgrades to the way Honda manufactures all of their automobile powertrains, from diesel to electric and everything in between. Here is an overview of the enhancements entailed in this new technology, broken down by powertrain type:

Gas Engine — Improvements to maximize thermal efficiency, minimize friction, and decrease engine weight. These changes will apply to numerous engine classes, from 1.3L to 3.5L.

– Diesel Engine — Optimizations in engine structure, size, and thermal management yield the lightest diesel engine body in the industry and decreased CO2 emissions.

– CVT Powertrains — All powertrains touting a Continuously Variable Transmission will see improvements in fuel efficiency and performance, including more efficient acceleration.

– Hybrids and Electrics — In addition to improved efficiency and performance, hybrid and electric models will provide multiple driving modes to allow you to match the drivetrain’s performance to your locale and driving style.

Watch for All of Honda’s Latest Innovations at Middletown Honda

The first enhanced powertrain is expected to be introduced initially in the 2013 Accord, moving from there to cover the entire U.S. lineup within three years. Here at Middletown Honda, we are looking forward to the new model year, and you can rest assured that the new Earth Dreams-empowered Hondas will be rolling onto our lots just as soon as they are rolling out of the factories. Wake up to the driving experience you deserve today at Middletown Honda.