How Honda is Trying to be More Environmentally Friendly

May 12th, 2013 by

2013 Civic Hybrid SedanThere is no arguing that cleaner vehicle emissions and a decreased reliance on burning fossil fuels are good for the planet. Not only that, but cleaner air means healthier people and eco-systems. Honda is trying to do their best to be a part of this with a wide range of environmental efforts.

Reducing Emissions and Improving Efficiency

Honda is making changes across the board to reduce emissions and increase the efficiency of its operations. This not only means they are producing more efficient engines and cleaner exhaust systems, but also implementing cleaner emission efforts and alternative energy sources in Honda production plants.

Making Honda Plants More Sustainable

For example, Honda recently installed two large wind turbines at a transmission manufacturing plant in Russells Point, Ohio. Preliminary studies showed the turbines would have no adverse effects on the surrounding environment and would supply roughly 10% of the plant’s annual energy requirement, roughly 10,000 megawatts. This eliminates an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that would be released into the atmosphere.

On a broader manufacturing scale, Honda claims 10 out of their 14 manufacturing plants send no waste to landfills. In 2001, the manufacturing of an average Honda vehicle created 62.8 pounds of waste, while by 2011 this number was reduced to only 1.8 pounds. As far as passing responsibility onto the consumer, Honda claims that 90% of their vehicles are recyclable, as well as 95% of their power equipment.

Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Honda Models

There is a wide range of alternative fuel and new hybrid models available, including:

  • The Honda Civic Hybrid
  • The Honda Civic Natural Gas
  • The Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid
  • The Honda FCX Clarity
  • The all-electric Honda Fit EV
  • The Honda Insight Hybrid
  • The Honda Accord Plug-in

Test Drive a Fuel Efficient Car at Middletown Honda

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