Honda Offers a Diverse Vehicle Selection to Drivers

May 29th, 2013 by

2013 Honda CR-ZIf you heard a report that said over 90% of your sales came from less than 50% of your vehicle lineup, what would you do? Honda has recently found themselves in that position, with Autoline Daily reporting that 93% of 2013 Honda vehicle sales come from five of the automaker’s eleven vehicles – the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Odyssey, and Pilot.

The experts over at AutoBlog have even gone so far as to say that Honda could drop the rest of the lineup without seeing much of an effect on their bottom line. And while this may technically be true, it would take away from the diversity and variety drivers find when they visit a Honda dealer.

Honda Offers Something for Everyone

Okay, there may be a driver or two that can’t find a Honda that fits their needs, but we would be genuinely surprised if there were many such people. The fact is that those five heavy hitters cover a wide range of the playing field, and the remaining Honda vehicles scoop up the rest.

Drivers looking for a well-equipped auto that can handle the demands of a work truck would do well to keep the Ridgeline in mind, and we don’t want to think of the disappointment it would cause to cut the Ridgeline from the Honda lineup.

Then there’s the hybrid sports car – yes, you read that right – the Honda CR-Z (2013 model pictured). People said it couldn’t be done, and yet Honda gave drivers a sporty and stylish car with a fuel-saving hybrid powertrain.

And speaking of hybrids, drivers have been fans of the Honda Insight for years, one of the most easily affordable entry-level hybrid cars on the market today.

Don’t forget, there are still three more, and while they may not be the top-selling mid-size car in the United States like the 2013 Accord was just this past April, the Crosstour, Fit, and FCX Clarity have plenty of fans who prefer them to the Accord.

Discover the Honda for You

One of the reasons we are proud to be a Honda dealer is because of just how varied their lineup is, offering something for practically any driver. When you know you need a new car but aren’t sure what you’d like it to be, drop by Middletown Honda and let us help you pick it out.