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Get Your Honda Vehicle Serviced at Middletown Honda

Middletown Honda

Middletown Honda

If you’re searching for a Honda dealer and service center, try Middletown Honda in Middletown, NY. Our on site service department is open six days a week to best serve you. We also carry a great selection of new and used vehicles.

Many common vehicle problems can be prevented performing regular maintenance on your vehicle, so make your next service appointment today with Middletown Honda. We provide a full menu of services and can handle whatever you need.

Preventing the Most Common Service Issues with Maintenance

  • -Engine Misfires– Engine misfires can be caused by a spark plug firing at the incorrect time or not at all. Common causes include carbon or oil fouled spark plugs, bad spark plug wires, bad fuel delivery, a vacuum leak, and mechanical breakdown.

The best way to avoid misfires is by following the maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s manual. Keep your engine tuned to factory specs and have a a yearly  scan performed.

  • -Evaporative Emission Leak/Failure– Your car’s evaporative emissions control system consists of fuel and vapor lines and a liquid vapor separator that traps gas fumes. If the system has a leak, it will throw an “EVAP Leak” code into the vehicle’s computer.

To fix the problem, you have to find the leak or faulty component and replace it. To avoid these problems, make sure you re-install your gas cap tightly after you refuel. A rust protection application can also help to prevent system line corrosion.

  • -System Too Lean– This error is often due to a vacuum leak, poor injector, faulty injector driver, or a software update is needed. To avoid these problems be sure to have regular maintenance performed and also look into the check engine light to avoid risking further problems.
  • -Catalytic Converter Failure– The catalytic converter will usually fail for one of two reasons: a leak due to corrosion or a collapsed baffle. Should this happen, the converter will need to be replaced and the uncontrolled fuel delivery will need to be dealt with.
  • -Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Failure– The EGR system lowers combustion chamber temperatures in order to lower the formation of dangerous chemicals. The system is susceptible to carbon buildup and electronic control problems. To avoid these problems, have your fuel system professionally cleaned every 30k miles.

Keep your vehicle in great condition by getting your routine maintenance performed at Middletown Honda; make your appointment online today.

Make Your Next Service Appointment at Middletown Honda

Visit Middletown Honda to schedule your next service appointment. Our service department is open Monday through Saturday to serve you. We also carry a great selection of brand new and pre-owned vehicles in stock now and ready to test drive. Stop by and see us in Middletown, or check us out on Facebook today.

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