Honda Unveils Urban SUV Concept Vehicle

March 1st, 2013 by

Middletown HondaHonda has been teasing this exotic mid-size SUV since 2012, but this year at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show drivers got a first look at the feature-packed newcomer. Since it’s still a concept there’s no official information on its powertrain or pricing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

Sleek and Sharp

Part Accord, part CR-V, part Fit, and 100% impressive. Honda’s new take on the mid-size crossover SUV is the perfect synthesis of a trio of successful Honda models plus a touch of Acura luxury for good measure. The Urban SUV sits on the Fit platform with sleek coupe-inspired lines of the Accord, but the stature of an SUV. Its muscular fenders and “bladed” wheels should slice through city traffic nicely.

Interior FIT-ness

Honda’s decision to build the Urban SUV concept on the Fit platform is an unusual one at first glance. However the amount of interior space available in the Fit makes it a wise choice for a crossover adaptation. Its center-tank layout and Magic Seat flip-or-fold capability provide tons of interior space for active families. Fold down the rear seats and front passenger seat for maximum storage space or flip seat bottoms up to accommodate tall standing items like potted plants and large vases. The Fit platform’s fuel tank sits conveniently underneath the driver seat freeing up plenty of space for storage in the rear.

Powertrain Dreams

While Honda hasn’t confirmed powertrain or engine specs, they have made it clear that the Urban SUV will employ their new Earth Dreams Technology aimed at maximizing driving performance and fuel efficiency. Two Earth Dreams engines power the 2013 Accord and have been made it to the Ward’s 10 Best Engines List, but Honda plans on expanding the Earth Dreams range from 660cc to 3.5L engine sizes. Aside from internal combustion engineering improvements, the Earth Dreams powertrain employs revolutionary hybrid technology such as electronic four-wheel drive with dedicated 20kW+ motors for the rear wheels and a 30kW+ high-efficiency electric engine to supplement the internal combustion engine.

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