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When drivers need a reliable Honda dealer in Orange County, NY for sales and service, they can turn to Middletown Honda for all their automotive needs. Whether you need a routine oil change, new brakes, or even just help with standard maintenance, you can count on our factory trained technicians to provide high quality automotive care. One of the most common car problems that drivers can prevent themselves is rust build up, and at Middletown Honda, we’re happy to give you a few tips on how to do this.

Preventing Your Vehicle From Rusting

Your vehicle is a huge investment, so it’s important to make sure it not only runs well but also continues looking great. Keeping up with how your vehicle looks and runs can help you get a higher trade-in value if you decide to get a new car down the road. There are a few things you can do to prevent your vehicle from rusting.

Wash your car regularly. A great way to prevent rust from starting is washing your car every two weeks. If you live in an area where your vehicle is constantly getting wet or salty, then it is best to wash it even more often. You want to make sure you remove all the dirt, dust, road grime, dead bugs, and other build-up, as these are things that could ruin the clear coat that’s on your vehicle. During the winter, it’s best to wash your vehicle every week since the salt on the road could damage it and lead to quicker rust accumulation.

It’s good to wax your vehicle every couple of months. Use a high quality car wax that will protect your vehicle from the hot sun. If you can, park your vehicle in the shade whenever possible. This will keep the finish protected.

Fix chips in the paint immediately. Cars chip and get scratches all the time. You want to fix these things right away to prevent rust. Take clear nail polish and apply it over any scratches to seal them. You can also purchase a small amount of touch-up paint. Of course, if you have significant scratches, chips, or blemishes, we can repair them in our service department.

A great way to prevent rust from becoming a problem is by inspecting your car on a regular basis. Check to see if the paint has any blisters or bubbles. These are clear signs that your vehicle’s surface is starting to get rust. If you notice any spots it’s important to get them fixed right away. If you’re unable to fix it yourself, you can count on Middletown Honda of Orange County, NY to get your vehicle repaired in no time.

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At Middletown Honda, we’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure your vehicle is in top shape and is rust-free. Call us today to book your appointment to fix any areas that are starting to rust. Visit us on the web for additional information or to get our dealership hours and directions. We’re proud to be your chosen destination for all your automotive needs.

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