How Does Gasoline Power my Car?

January 16th, 2013 by

Gas GaugeGasoline is essential to your car’s operations, that much is obvious, but some people  don’t know exactly how your car turns it into energy to move you forward. Some vehicles are awful at making efficient use of it, while others, including Honda’s current lineup, are engineered for efficiency to save you money as you drive.

To start with, gasoline needs to be mixed with air before if will burn. If you have just the right mixture of gasoline and oxygen molecules in a confined space, the reaction is literally explosive. This is the exact science that engineers rely on to fuel your car. Fuel injectors spray a fine mist of gasoline into your engine’s cylinders, where the air/gas mixture is then ignited by the spark plugs. This creates a controlled explosion which forces the pistons downward, thus turning the crankshaft and propelling your car forward.

There’s More to Fuel than Gasoline

Most big name gasoline producers compliment their fuels with a number of additives. You may have seen adverts for these additives while fueling your car, showing side by side comparisons of engine pistons and valves, one sparkling clean for using their gasoline, and one as grimy as an old boot for using the other guy’s stuff.

This isn’t just fluffy advertising; there’s actually truth behind it. Larger names in the gasoline industry are more likely to supply additives to their fuel over smaller, no name companies, including additives like detergents that help to protect your engine. These can help you to prevent future repair problems, such as gasoline varnish on your fuel injectors, a costly problem that can lead to engine misfires.

One big misconception about gasoline is that the higher octane, premium fuel is somehow better for your car, but it can actually be less efficient if your vehicle isn’t designed for it.

Get More Fuel Savvy with a Honda

Honda has a full line of vehicle’s with great fuel economies. Whether you’re in the market for something simple, something a little more rugged, or something sporty, Middletown Honda has a great selection of fuel efficient options. Stop by our dealership to learn more about how Honda vehicles save drivers money at the pump everyday.