How Modern Science is Keeping Your Engine Clean

May 15th, 2013 by

Checking your oilIf you’ve ever gone to retrieve a ball that’s fallen under the car, chances are you brushed up against the underside and your shirt sleeve came out a little dirty. Or you went to check the oil level and found your hands were covered in a thin layer of grime. Though the guts of your car may seem like a dirty mess by human standards, by mechanical standards, your car is a very clean environment.

Dirt and Engines Don’t Go Together

Simply put a dirty engine wouldn’t last that long. Grit and moving parts just don’t mix. Ever got a rock in your boot during a hike? Now imagine turning that hike into a 60 mph sustained run where your legs were pumping at a rate equivalent to 3000rpm. There would be quite a few blisters to tend to when you got home.

Oil Changes Protect Your Engine From Dirt

You may have wondered why regular oil changes are one of your vehicle’s most necessary maintenance procedures. Oil not only helps to keep your engine lubricated and reduces heat caused by friction, but it also absorbs a large amount of foreign materials. This includes gunk that gets kicked up from the road and swallowed by your engine. Winter is especially tough on your vehicle, thanks to the extra salt and grime that is present everywhere.

Oil companies have added special detergents to their oils that help suck up the debris. Don’t be startled if you’ve just changed your oil a few weeks ago and it already looks black. That just means the oil is doing its job. After a period of time, though, the oil becomes too saturated with foreign materials and needs to be changed. You should check your vehicle’s manual for when this exactly is.

Fuel Companies Put Engine Cleaning Additives in Gasoline

Most fuel companies will add special detergents to their products as well. You may have seen advertisements at gas station for special new fuel additives that help keep your engine clean. This is no gimmick. Over time, gasoline leaves veneered coats on things like your fuel injectors, preventing them from doing their job. These special additives help to prevent this build-up. This is why it is sometimes better to go to larger chain gas supplier, than a smaller no name brand that may skip on these additives.

Keep Your Engine Clean at Middletown Honda

If you think you’re due for an oil change or need any other service, we encourage you to make a service appointment at Middletown Honda! Our service team is here to help keep your engine running smoothly.

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