How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

May 3rd, 2013 by

It finally looks like summer weather is here to stay. If you’re like me, and I should know better working at Middletown Honda, you may have come to the horrible realization of how big of a mess your car has turned into over the cold months.

Spending a little time giving your car’s interior some attention doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Looking at all the areas that need to be cleaned, though, can be a little daunting. Let’s break down the process into several easy steps. After you’re done, schedule a service appointment at Middletown Honda, and make sure your car is ready for summer.

Tips for Cleaning the Interior of Your Honda

  • Clear all the junk out: bring two bags with you out to your vehicle. One will be for stuff you want to throw away, and the other for stuff you want to keep but don’t want in your car. Be sure to check your trunk, too. Things seem to somehow end up there and get forgotten about. This is a drag, but all this extra stuff weighs down your car and decreases fuel efficiency.
  • Break out the vacuum: after you’ve cleared out all of the big stuff, time to bring in the heavy duty weapon. Using the vacuum’s extension pieces, be sure you clean underneath the seats, in the cracks of the seats, and in other hard to reach places. Make sure to vacuum out the cup holders, too. Use the brush extension on the seats to pull out any dirt that has gotten cozy.
  • Shake out the floor mats: this may be a good step to do before you vacuum. Pull out the mats and give them a nice beating outside the vehicle. Once you’ve done that, hit them with the vacuum.
  • Clean the windows: chances are you used your hand to wipe away fog on the wind shield during the winter. Those prints are probably really showing now. Hit the windows with a glass cleaner and finish it off with a nice polish from a microfiber rag.
  • Clean the surfaces: wipe down your vehicles surfaces with water and then dry. For tougher areas, you can mix in a small bit of soap or detergent. Also consider buying a special protective sealant from an automotive shop for your surfaces for these surfaces.
  • Scrub the seats where necessary: finding stains on the seats? Get special upholstery cleaner from a car shop to get them out.
  • Follow up with a wash and wax: now that the interior is clean, make sure the outside matches. A wax will help to protect your vehicle from debris on the road, as well as the sun.