How to Flush Your Transmission

December 9th, 2012 by

Honda Auto Service TechThe transmission is the one of the most neglected areas of vehicle maintenance. If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission, it should be flushed every 30,000 miles or every three years. If you use your vehicle for towing, it might need to be flushed more often.

Flushing Your Transmission at Home

Gather a screwdriver, a wrench, socket and ratchet, a five-gallon bucket, and a long, thin funnel — it needs to be able to fit in the transmission’s dipstick tube — then follow these steps:

  • •   Start your car and allow it to run until it reaches its normal running temperature, then turn it off.
  • •   Jack up the front end and position it on jack stands. Find the place where the radiator and the transmission cooler lines meet, and place the bucket underneath the area.
  • •   Loosen the cooler line’s hose clamps at the radiator and move them backward onto the line. While holding them close to the radiator, pull them off. Depending on the line itself, this may take some force, but be careful. Put lines in the bucket, and then pull out the transmission’s dipstick. Take your funnel and insert it into the tube you removed the dipstick tube from.
  • •   Open your transmission fluid, and get it ready to pour it in. Start your car or have someone else do it — fluid will instantly start pumping out into the bucket, so act quickly.
  • •   Begin adding the fluid into funnel quickly — don’t let the funnel run dry. You will mostly likely need to add between 9 and 12 quarts. Turn off the vehicle. Be sure to leave roughly three quarts in reserve in case you need to add more.
  • •   Replace the cooler lines.
  • •   Remove the car from its jack stands and slowly lower it.
  • •   Start the vehicle again and let it run until it reaches its normal temperature. Press the brake pedal and move your car through all its gears a few times, then put it back in park. Check the fluid level with the dipstick. If it needs more, add it about a half a quart at a time. Repeat the process until the fluid is at the correct level. Once the fluid level is correct, you are finished.

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