How to Remove Bumper Stickers

December 3rd, 2012 by

Honda Auto MechanicIt seemed like a really good idea at the time, but right now, you’re not so sure about that bumper sticker you added several years back. Maybe it’s something you’d like to remove before meeting your significant other’s parents, or maybe it’s an endorsement for a failed political candidate whose memory has been brushed away by several elections, or maybe you’re just interested in selling and you know that any decals are sure to bring down your car’s value.

You fail miserably at removing the sales sticker from books, so you’ve given up hope on ever removing a giant sticker cleanly from your bumper. Luckily, there’s a relatively successful method for removing that personal piece of propaganda. All it takes is a few everyday household objects and a little patience. The next time your child is excited about their “Honor Roll” sticker, you may be a little more at ease about putting it on your bumper.

What You Need

  • •   A hairdryer
  • •   Rubbing alcohol
  • •   Several clean rags
  • •   Plastic spatula (don’t use a metal one!)
  • •   Car wax

The Process

  • •   Beginning on one side of the bumper sticker, heat the edge with the hair dryer. As the adhesive heats up, the edge should curl. Using the spatula, slowly begin to work the sticker off of the bumper. As you slowly peel it up, stay ahead of the spatula with the blow dryer.
  • •   After you’ve removed the entire sticker, there will be a sticky residue left over. Heat it gently with the blow drier to soften it. Put a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a rag and gently scrub the area. Continue this heating / scrubbing process until the residue is all gone. Use water to then wipe away any residue left by the alcohol.

You’ll need to apply a new layer of wax to where the bumper sticker used to be. Regularly waxing your whole vehicle, in fact, is important to protecting your paint job, the underlying sheet metal, and its overall value. Put a little bit of wax on a clean cloth and spread it around the cleaned area, then take another clean rag and buff the wax. And that’s it!