How to Set Up Radio Code in a Honda Accord

August 25th, 2021 by

2021 Honda Accord dashboard

The audio system in your Honda Accord allows you to stay connected to your favorite apps and playlists on your drives around the Monroe area. If you have to replace the battery, you’ll automatically be asked for the Honda Accord radio code. You may be wondering “What is a Honda Accord radio code and how to get the radio code for a Honda Accord?” Typically, this can be solved by holding the radio power button down for a few seconds until the radio starts without a code. However, if that doesn’t work, a code may be necessary. Read on with Middletown Honda to go over how to get the radio code for a Honda Accord and how to enter radio code in your Accord with navigation.

How to Get Radio Code for Honda Accord

Getting back to your busy lifestyle around Warwick with your entertainment is simple. There are a couple different ways for how to find the Honda Accord radio code:

  • On some models, the radio serial number is located on a sticker located inside your glovebox or owner’s manual.
  • If you’re in the Middletown area, stop by the service center at Middletown Honda and one of our certified technicians can locate the code in no time.
  • Find your code online by visiting the OEM site. You’ll simply need to enter your zip code, phone number, email address, VIN number (located on the driver’s side of your car behind the windshield), and serial number.

Finding the code is simple, so is the process on how to enter the radio code for a Honda Accord! 

How to Enter Radio Code for Honda Accord

Once you’ve found the correct code, entering it is as straightforward as pressing a couple buttons. See the steps below:

  1. Start by turning the ignition key to the On position without starting the engine. 
  2. Once the system asks for the radio code, simply press the corresponding preset button or enter the code using the touchscreen.

If your Honda is equipped with navigation capabilities, the steps for how to enter the radio code is similar: 

  1. If you have a Honda Accord with Navigation, you may need to enter the radio code by finding the right number with the knobs below the screen and then pushing the button to enter. 

How to Get Serial Number for Honda Accord with Navigation System

If you’re having trouble locating the serial number on your older Honda model, here’s how you can find the serial number using the device display:

  • Turn the ignition switch to ACC (I).
  • Turn on the audio system, and make sure you see CODE in the upper display. Then, turn off the audio system.
  • Press and hold the top halves of the SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC bars, and then press and release the PWR/VOL knob. This will allow the display to toggle between two screens. 
  • The first screen displays a U and the first four digits of the serial number (for example, U2200).
  • The second screen displays an L and the last four digits of the serial number (for example, L0055).
  • Write down the numbers ignoring the U and L, then use this serial number to identify the correct radio code for your Honda model. 

Explore the Honda Accord Capabilities with Middletown Honda!

Now that you know how to enter radio codes for a Honda Accord, you can get back on the roads around Goshen. If you have questions about your radio code, don’t hesitate to contact us at Middletown Honda. Explore the capabilities of the Honda Accord and learn more about how you can continue your smooth rides around town by staying on top of your routine maintenance.


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