5 Interesting Facts About Honda

March 15th, 2013 by

Middletown HondaThe Honda Motor Company has a long and engaging history. As one of the most successful foreign automobile brands in the United States, it has definitely earned its stripes thanks to hard work from its teams of engineers, designers, manufacturers, and sales people all over the world. Here are some of the more interesting facts from Honda’s story:

  • •   Honda started by manufacturing motorized bicycles – Before moving onto making automobiles, during the post-war period, founder Soichiro Honda and a team of twelve men produced engines that could be attached to bikes. By 1964, the Honda Motor Company would grow to become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.
  • •  Honda produces many of its vehicles right here in the United States – Despite what you might hear, when you buy Honda, you’re buying American. Honda has several automobile manufacturing plants in the United States, as well as numerous other R&D centers, and engine and transmission plants.
  • •  The first foreign vehicle to be manufactured in the United States was the Honda Accord – Honda began producing the Accord for the 1982 model year at its plant in Marysville, Ohio. The Accord would also make history when it became the first model under a foreign brand name to become the best selling vehicle in the United States.
  • •  Honda does a lot more than make cars – Besides cars and motorcycles, Honda has its hands in a wide range of manufacturing. This includes watercraft, ATVs, aircraft, mountain bikes, lawn equipment, and solar cells. The humanoid robot ASIMO is the latest model in Honda’s robotic research. ASIMO is able to walk, run, dance, avoid obstacles, recognize faces and noises, and even conduct an orchestra.
  • •  Plenty of thought goes into the model names – The Accord and Civic nameplates has become indelibly marked into our automobile culture. The name Accord was chosen because Honda wanted to create a vehicle that represented a harmony between people and the automobiles they drive. The name Civic invokes images of society as a whole, of busy crowds, and of the city. Honda’s goal was to create a reliable vehicle that most people could afford and that was practical to drive. The name reflects this achievement.

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