Know When to Trust the Experts

May 30th, 2013 by

Auto RepairI like to think that I don’t fit the stereotype of the stubborn man, the kind of Clark Griswold character who would sooner drive his family insane than to stop and ask for directions whether at home in Middletown or in nearby Mahwah, NJ. But there are times where I am convinced that it simply cannot be as hard as it seems to do auto work; thankfully, these lessons often stick in my mind for the next six months to a year, reminding me to leave it to the experts.

So, what kind of auto work can you handle at home, and what should you leave to the service experts at Middletown Honda? Read on and find out.

Get That DIY Auto Work Started

First thing’s first: if you ever don’t feel comfortable tinkering under the hood of your vehicle, take it to a pro. The last thing you want to do is break something or make a problem into a bigger problem.

That said, there are some pretty simple things you can do at home, including:

  • Oil changes- Your vehicle manual should detail some of this for you, but there are plenty of tutorials online (and there’s a good chance you have a friend that knows how and would gladly teach you)
  • Tire rotations- This is a little trickier, and I am mostly mentioning it to tell you what not to do. Above all else, don’t use the jack that comes with your spare tire for any kind of standard auto work. If you’re going to home-rotate your tires, invest in a proper jack and some jack stands.
  • Detailing- If you think you save money by changing your own oil, wait till you get a load of just how much professional-grade auto detailing you can handle at home.

Don’t Overdo It!

It can get pretty easy to convince yourself that you can undertake a massive auto project only to realize halfway through that it is simply out of your league at the moment. They don’t even need to be big projects to very quickly become imposing or frustrating. No, I do not have a story about having a door panel all the way off before realizing it was the wrong one and bringing my car in to the shop…

So, before you turn your Mahwah, NJ home garage into a full-fledged service center, ask yourself if you wouldn’t rather just leave it to the pros here at Middletown Honda.

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