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Tips on How to Detail Your Vehicle at Home

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Middletown Honda is your Orange County car dealership. We’re happy to be able to provide the service that we do to our communities. We also know that you want to take care of your car at home, when you can’t make it into the dealership or to the shop. There certainly is a kind of pleasure in taking your dirty car and cleaning it from start to finish until you can see yourself in the hood. We love to take pride in our vehicles like that. Here are some tips to detail your vehicle at home for fun and for pleasure and to save you money at the car wash.

Going Beyond Washing And Drying

Sometimes a simple soapy wash isn’t good enough to get your car to that like new shine. That’s when you have to bust out some of the tools of the trade to take care of detailing. Pay attention to these details, and you’ll have a car that could be sold on a lot in no time.

  • –  Windows – An absolutely necessary tool for cleaning up windows and getting a really good polish is a microfiber towel. You can purchase these at almost any store that sells cleaning or automotive products. These ultra-absorbent fabrics can wick up moisture and polish like nothing else. On your auto windows just use a normal glass cleaner that’s not ammonia based. Ammonia can have a damaging effect on your vehicle’s plastic parts.
  • –  Lights – Over time, head and tail light covers can become scarred and scratched from driving through dust and debris. Scratched up light covers are no good because they diffuse the headlight’s beam, making the beam foggy and dim, and they just don’t look that great aesthetically. If you have a power drill you can find a restoration kit that includes compounds and a buffing wheel that can polish the headlights down to their original pristine clarity.
  • –  Wheels – One of those hard to clean places is inside your wheels. Make sure you buy a cleaner that’s good for rubber or else you may damage your tires. Take a course stiff brush that won’t scratch the polish or finish on your wheels and get to work. Finish with a microfiber cloth to polish.
  • –  Clay – Automotive clay is a good way to finish off the detailing of your vehicle. It can remove blemishes that a regular wash can’t and it’s safer and gentler on your finish that abrasive polishes. Make sure to spot apply wax afterward if necessary.

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