Lease Calculator

Honda Lease Calculator

When deciding whether to buy or lease your next vehicle, payments will probably play a crucial part in your decision. Middletown Honda’s lease payment calculator helps break down the payments you’ll be looking at for your new Honda CR-V or Honda Civic lease. If you’re interested in leasing a new vehicle or want to see how the numbers compare to financing, get started with our online lease calculator today!

How to Calculate a Car Lease

Much like calculating a car payment, you’ll need to take some basic information into account. You’ll want to consider valuing your trade-in car, so you can apply that to the lease price of the new vehicle. You’ll also need to have a set amount aside for a down payment, and have an idea of your credit score so you know what you can expect for interest rates. After that, you’ll need to consider some lease-specific information, like:

  • Lease Type- Depending on the dealership, you may have a few lease options- from sign and drive to a one pay lease.
  • Lease Term- How long do you want to lease the vehicle for?
  • Mileage- Leases often come with mileage limits, so you’ll want to ensure you pick a mileage limit that you won’t go over to avoid being hit with fees.
  • Lease Sales Tax- This will vary depending on where you live and can be easily calculated by inputting your zip code.

You also have the option to include any accessories you want to be added to your vehicle in the Honda lease calculator to give you the full price!

Speak With Us Today About Your Lease Questions!

Do you have questions about leasing your next vehicle or the estimates you’ve received from our lease payment calculator? Reach out to the Middletown Honda finance center! We can discuss your financial situation to see if leasing is the best option for you, and address any questions that came up when you were filling out our Honda lease calculator.