Middletown Honda has Simple Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

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Middletown Honda’s How-To on Going Green for Free

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Go Green With Middletown Honda

If you’re looking for used cars in Orange County, NY, keep the following thing in mind: you don’t need a lot of money to protect the environment. Drivers in nearby Amity, Monroe, Chester, Goshen, Slate Hill, and Scotchtown know that you don’t need to spend much on a 2013 or even a 2012 model to help out the environment. All you have to do is be courteous and considerate, think green, and be smart. Everyone wants to cut down on CO2 emissions, exhaust, fuel consumption, and wasted engine power. To achieve these goals, you just need to do a few little things consistently that Middletown Honda can help you with.

Easy Ways to Go Green for Almost Nothing

There are some very common sense-based measures you can take to cut down on fuel usage. They involve eliminating extra, unneeded driving and moderating your driving style. Consider these tips:

  •  – Avoid extreme acceleration or surges of speed. Never slam your foot down on the brakes or gas. This economizes on how hard the engine is working and gets you to your destination just as quickly without overworking your fuel injection system. All this requires is a willingness on the driver’s part to tweak the way they drive just a little bit. It doesn’t cost a penny.
  •  – Make sure that your tires are filled up to their recommended PSI levels. All this calls for is an exercise of due diligence when checking your air pressure. This can save you several miles per gallon. Check out our inventory of used Hondas that get over 30 MPG.
  •  – Change your air filters regularly. This not only saves on gas money in the long run, but also allows your gas to burn cleaner. It also helps keep the fuel injection system clean because it’s not constantly pumping dirty gas.
  •  – Did you know that loose or damaged gas caps account for not just hundreds or thousands, but millions of gas gallons per year being utterly wasted? Needless to say, this is also bad for the cleanliness of the air. Do mother nature a favor — be prudent and double check that your gas cap is fully screwed on before you’re finished filling up at the pump.

Go Green for Cheap: Buy Used From Middletown Honda

All that going green means is going that extra mile. Since the trip is so much more about the adventure you have on the way than it is about the destination, why not take that journey toward going green behind the wheel of a Honda? Feel free to give us a call at (845) 343-0055 to set up a test drive appointment today. While you’re in the neighborhood, simply ask a representative to find out how our models can help you go green.

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