Understanding New York’s DMV Point System

October 20th, 2012 by

Middletown HondaIf you want one of the finest car dealerships in the Warwick area, come stop by Middletown Honda. We’ve got a huge selection of both new and used Honda models and our service department is here for all your repair and maintenance needs. At Middletown Honda we take pride in keeping all of our customers well-informed, so we’re here today with some helpful information all about the New York DMV’s point system.

This system is in place to help keep dangerous drivers off of the road so be sure you know how the system works before you get behind the wheel or you could find yourself with a suspended license.

Point Penalties and Consequences

The bottom line when it comes to the point system here in New York is that if you receive 11 points for traffic charges within an 18-month period, the DMV could suspend or revoke your license. Usually this suspension period lasts for around 31 days, but most of the time you will be given the opportunity to have a hearing with a judge which could reduce your suspension. Since all moving violations carry penalties of at least 2 points, it’s imperative that you drive safely and don’t rack up offenses quickly.

The penalties for offenses range from the minimum of 2 points to a maximum of 11. Speeding violations range from 3 points for driving 1-10  mph over the limit all the way to 11 points for going more than 40 mph over the posted speed limit. If you are found guilty of reckless driving, you can expect to see a 5 point penalty and following the vehicle in front of you too closely gets you 4 points. Even something such as operating a vehicle with inadequate brakes will earn you a 4 point penalty, and improper lane usage is a quick way to get 3 more points on your record, so do be careful on the road.

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