Middletown Honda Shares the Inside Scoop on Lemon Laws for New York Drivers

October 28th, 2012 by

Middletown HondaShopping for a new or gently used Honda in New York can truly be an exciting adventure! With many options to choose from, Middletown Honda invites you to peruse our large inventory and for you to experience for yourself just why we are one of Orange County’s leading Honda dealers.

Here at Middletown Honda, we pride ourselves in providing you with an excellent car ownership experience. For this reason, we want to offer you some insight in regards to the New York Lemon Laws and how laws like these not only save you money but protect you from ending up with a faulty vehicle.

What is a Lemon Law?

By definition a lemon law is not a law about fruit, but instead is about protecting the average Joe from the fraudulent sale of a motor vehicle. A lemon law provides a remedy when such a purchase has occurred, requiring that the vehicle be replaced, repaired, or that you are refunded the cost if the vehicle has been found to be defective.

If you are cruising in your new or used vehicle that you proudly snapped up from a local New York dealership, but are experiencing an over abundance of repairs or mechanical problems every time you turn around, then take a peak at the New York lemon laws. If your new car is less than two years old and/or under 18,000 miles, vital repairs could be covered under the new-car warranty. Likewise, a dealer must provide a warranty for repairs such as engine, transmission, steering, and more for a used vehicle.

The lemon laws also require that a replacement vehicle or refund must be provided for a new car if the dealer cannot repair it correctly after four tries, or if you haven’t been able to drive the vehicle for thirty days or more due to the issue. For used vehicles, a replacement or refund must be given if the repair is not corrected completely after three attempts or if you haven’t been able to drive the vehicle for fifteen days due to the uncorrected problem.

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